100 Days to Dissertation Defense: Let’s Prepare to Complete a Perfect Paper

As you seek to obtain your PhD, you will need to rely heavily on your planner and calendar to finish the perfect project. The entire process can take somewhere around a year to complete. So, if you look at that amount of time, keep the 100-day mark as a very important barometer for where you are and what you have left to do. Use our dissertation writing service to get quality help.

100 Days Down

Day 100 step back and see what you have completed. Your framework and your research should have been done. This gauge manes about 2/3rds of the work should have been completed. The 1/3 left needs to be dead on. You should have, in addition to completing your framework and outline, also met at last once a month with your advisor.

Days 99-50 Arrange for bi-monthly faculty advisor meetings, find and hire your professional writing company, and continue to eat properly, get plenty of rest, and exercise on a regular basis. The professional writing company will act as your support system. Try to get to them close to the 99-day mark because they can tell you if you need any resource holes to fill. If you have support holes, you will need to get that work done. You may need one more interview or one more survey, and those things take time to do.

Coming Closer To Deadlines

Days 49-25 professionals call these the confirm and correct days. Confirm your date or argument, confirm your last advisor appointments, confirm your editing dates with the writing company, and confirm that your argument is strong, valid, and credible. Then start to correct editing and proofing errors, correct holes or project mistakes, and correct the desire to run away and not complete this piece. These days are very important in the process. Continue to eat, sleep, and exercise regularly and properly. Days 49-25 often seem to also be the days when the colds, flu, and stomach virus like to rear their ugly heads. Do your part to keep these bugs away from you. Proper confirmation of all details and correction of all errors should occur in this very important time frame of 49-25 days. This is one of the last periods of super hard work and push if you stayed on schedule and if you planned and you worked properly. If you did not do these things, then keep pushing and working.

Days 25-1 you should not work up to the wire if you planned accordingly. Within this time frame you will have re-confirmed your argument date, had your advisor read your piece again, begun to practice your case, and sent the piece out for printing and binding. Your school will have the printing requirements listed, your school should have practice argument sessions, and your advisor should guide you when you can’t find these things. What this time should not consist of is running about proofing, getting sick, or uncompleted dissertations. You should be to the point where these are days of checking and satisfaction at your accomplishment. The very last week before your argument make sure to see your advisor a few times, practice, double check meeting places, dates, and times, and go for a few refreshing long walks. This should never be crunch time. When it becomes a frantic time because you are not finished, then mistakes are made, appointments are missed, you are not practicing arguments, and invariably you get sick or break an arm. Think of this time period as quiet completion and contemplation. Then plan your dissertation party and time for the big celebration!