Dissertation Topic Examples: Creative Ideas About World History

World history is a very broad study and can be quite interesting indeed. No matter where you go, around the world, you will be near an ancient civilization’s home and this can quite touching, especially if you share a deep respect for these people as I do. Aside from indigenous history, modern civilizations also have quite a colorful past and these, we may be more familiar with,

To study world history, one cannot attempt to tackle it all, it is way to expansive to accomplish that. Instead, you should try to select a topic dealing with a specific, even isolated part of history. This will allow you to devise both a solid plan of research and analysis, as well as give you to opportunity to make a discovery. Consider the following topic choices to help you make up you mind:

  1. The creation of race : explore the origins of different humans as defined by their physical features
  2. Dinosaur extinction : what are the effects of the dinosaur extinction on the planet and how would things have been different had it not happened?
  3. The rise of man : what are the factors that enabled modern man to rise to the top of the food chain and maintain that position?
  4. The desolation of the old world : describe the processes that enable the almost complete eradication of most ancient tribes
  5. Disease and untouched land : why was disease such a significant force of devastation to newly discovered populations?
  6. The population boom : the elements of the population boom that allowed man to populate the entire planet.
  7. The birth of global warming : the very first decision that resulted in the crisis now known as global warming.
  8. Division of the species : what are the factors that led to the human race being divided by its physical features?
  9. The age or war : the period of human civilization in which wars were most common and the reason for this.
  10. The age of conquest : the time of history when the great nations sought to spread their boundaries.
  11. The mythical period of man : what has changed in man from the time we believed in mythical Gods and creatures?
  12. The history of god : why is the idea of a god so common among all races, culture and countries?
  13. The roman empire why is the roman empire such a significant icon of human history?
  14. The mongols: what set the mongols apart from other conquering armies?
  15. Religious division : how is it possible to believe in the same god, but share a different religion?