10 Outstanding Examples Of An MBA Dissertation Topics

When you are going to get your advanced degree in Business, you will need to research and compose your dissertation. This may be the most important document of your academic career. You will need to have the topic approved by your school and department. You will then need to research, write, and then argue the project.

Part of your job will be to show that you know about the history of your industry, as well as the trending topics in your field. You will want a fresh idea, but not a weird idea. Picking the right fit for you can be difficult. As you look for the best fit for you, use our 10 outstanding ideas for MBA dissertation topics.

10 Outstanding MBA Dissertation Topics

  1. Business and Social Media Trends-look at different platforms for research
  2. Advertisements and how They have Changed the Field in Recent Years-is it still effective
  3. Coupons and Loyalty Rewards: Do They Really Work as an Incentive-you will need to look at quite a few different businesses
  4. How Tablets and Smart Phones Have Changed Marketing Approaches-surveys will be needed
  5. Athletes, Sports Teams, and Brand Creations-look at athletes who are best sellers
  6. Reality Stars and their Products: What Sells and What Does Not Sell-you will need to compile a list of reality starts who market products, and then you will need to look at their sales reports
  7. High Fashion and its Unique Approaches-look at fashion weeks and designer houses
  8. Global Marketing Developments and what the Future Holds-you will need to talk to the experts and read industry magazines
  9. The Great Market for Tennis Shoes and Sports Clothing-which ones sell the most and why do they sell the most
  10. How Philanthropy can Attract Consumers to Products-what companies give as much as they make and how does this affect consumer choices

Once you select the topic, remember it must be approved. You can get your faculty advisor to help you come up with the best subject for you. You can also meet wit him or her often to get guidance. The subject will need to have credible, valid, and academic sources. You will be expected to use graphs, interviews, data, experts, studies, and other strong support throughout the piece in order to prove your hypothesis. Use our tips to help you pick a subject for your dissertation.