Academic Writing In Details: Dissertation Proposal & References

In order to become very good academic writing, you need to understand the various requirements of different essays. Essentially, different styles and formatting techniques will require you to write different sections.

Understanding which sections you need to include, and how to write them, can considerably improve the quality of the work that you produce.

The following will aim to provide you further information about the proposal and reference sections.

The aim of the dissertation proposal

Firstly, the proposal section is used to relay a certain amount of information about the work that you intend to do. For example, you should include details relating to the objectives of your work, as well as any methods that you intend to use, and why it is that you are doing the work in the first place.

The proposal is a bit like an introduction; however, to some extent, you are trying to convince the reader as to the importance of your work, as well as justifying white is that you have chosen to write about a particular topic. Essentially, in order to do this, the need to know what you are writing about, why, and how you will do the work.

The purpose of your reference section

  • The purpose of your reference section is relatively straightforward, in that it is designed to include details of any citations and references. In other words, whenever you include a quote or any other details or information from an external source, you should include a reference. The precise manner in which you write the reference will largely depend upon any formatting guide that you are using; therefore, it is important that you check any formatting requirements whilst doing the work.
  • There are various reasons for including a reference section, not least the fact that it enables you to demonstrate that you have not plagiarized any content. Of course, if you do not include references where you have included quotes or other information, then this does put you at risk of being accused of plagiarism.

Where to include each of these individual sections and when to write them

The final thing to be aware of is where to include these individual sections. The proposal section will be included towards the beginning of your work, often separate from the main piece. On the other hand the reference section will be included with the rest of the work, towards the end of your dissertation.